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All American Awaaz 2019
All American Awaaz 2019
Sangeet Saagar 2020: Best Arrangement
Sangeet Saagar 2020 Results: Best Arrangement
Steel City Sapna 2020 Results: Best Arrangement
All American Awaaz


Daniel has worked effortlessly to make UMiami Tufaan a gamechanger of the South Asian A cappella community. His fusion of English, Indian, film music, and Latin music has been influential in the circuit. 

"Daniel is definitely a musical visionary. He has a very special ear for hearing the perfect fusion between English and Hindi songs. I really appreciate what Daniel does [because] he tries to pick music that is not often seen in a cappella." -Arjun Malhotra (interview on Acaville Radio)

Throughout his tenure, he has championed Tufaan through 5 regional and national competitions:

- 2nd Place at Sahana 2019 (Los Angeles, CA)

- 1st Place at Gathe Raho 2019 (Iowa City, IA) *BEST ARRANGEMENT WINNER*

- 1st Place at All American Awaaz 2019 (Washington, DC)

- 2nd Place at Sangeet Saagar 2020 (Raleigh, NC) *BEST ARRANGEMENT WINNER*

- 1st Place at Steel City Sapna 2020 (Pittsburgh, PA) *BEST ARRANGEMENT WINNER*

Daniel has arranged music by Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, Billie Eilish, Labrinth, Shankar Mahadevan, Ajay-Atul, and more for Tufaan.

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Daniel works as a freelance musician, tracking vocals, keys, and guitar. He has collaborated with many of his peers in the Frost community, as well as recording studios in Costa Rica and Miami-Dade county.

Alison Cohen
Trixie Trixie


Daniel has a long history with music production, starting from the early age of 11. From then on, he has gained experience by working and producing demos and records for several artists, such as Alyce, Lucia, Scarlette Fiore, Alison Cohen, Matt Browne, Katy Kenny, and Trixie Trixie.

Cat 5 Signing Day
Cat 5 Writers' Round
Cat 5 Songwriter's Showcase 2019


Over his career in music, Daniel has built a substantial catalog of original songs. Working in styles anywhere from pop to folk to R&B to EDM, Daniel is a versatile songwriter.

During his time at the University of Miami, Daniel was selected as a songwriter for the Cat 5 Publishing Organization on campus. At Cat 5, he has gained experience and tools to work as a songwriter and collaborator, by making professional-quality demos, the ins and outs of sync licensing, and more collaboration with other writers in the roster. He was also selected as a main headliner at the Cat 5 2019 Songwriter Showcase.

He has collaborated with rising songwriters Katy Kenny, Melanie Jo, and Dylan Lawrence, to name a few.

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UM Donor Luncheon with President Julio Frenk
Frost School of Music All-School Forum
New York Summer Tour 2019

During his years at the University of Miami, Daniel formed Coat of Pandas in 2017 with his classmates Alyce Lindberg, Lauren Kunkel, Sean Merlin, and Katy Kenny. Together, they play acoustic folk and singer-songwriter music with a twist: visually engaging performances and incredible chemistry. Since then, they are collectively built a name for themselves in the Miami community, writing and recording original music together, filming music videos, and performing in many different venues around Florida and New York.

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Euphoria Showcase (12-16 Rockband)


Daniel has also been a part of Frost Prep, a derivative organization of the Frost School of Music that brings music education to children and teenagers of the Miami community. Ranging from rudimentary percussion with babies to high-school level jazz, Frost Prep is all-encompassing and committed to the education of music.

Daniel's involvement is with directing the Rock Band ensemble, middle school level. In the ensemble, the students aged 12-16 have learned to play music for live settings, band rapport, arranging skills, performance skills, and teamwork. Dubbed "Euphoria", the band performed at the Frost prep showcase at the Fillmore Miami Beach in December 2019.

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